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OK.. Who Is Actually Taking Who For A Walk?
Maybe not the most exciting or exotic of dog issues, but a VERY common problem that can always be improved upon. It can be the difference between loving to take your dog out, or hating every single minute. The ‘show off’ who is perfect, or the nightmare that can be..


So it is fair to say, that if you are having problems with your dog in this respect, you are not alone. What amazes me,is that some dog owners do not realise it holds a very strong power when dealing with any type of dog problem. So if you can achieve the correct type of walk, then any other issues are easier to deal with. Let me explain..
If a dog is mentally and emotionally balanced (in other words, ‘normal’) it loves to travel, and it loves to explore. And a happy healthy dog will do this alone, or with the company of others. It is a very natural habit that they find fulfilling. They love new smells, and investigating new territory. That’s why your great big garden isn’t half as interesting as next door’s little postage stamp.
But I am wandering off the point a little, so let me explain what the walk really represents to a dog.
It is many things. It can be..
A need to answer the call of nature.
As mentioned, an exploratory expedition.
An opportunity to shake off some frustration.
A chance to be alone, or a group activity.
A little bit of ‘fun’ with the opposite sex.

The list goes on a little further, but I use the walk for 2 main reasons.
1. It reveals a dog’s character, personality, emotional state, and any fears, phobias, or ‘instinctual behaviour'(such as chasing/hunting, herding, guarding, or social/anti-social behaviour).
2. It builds trust and respect to the others (you or me) that are sharing the activity. And building that trust and respect is the basis of a healthy relationship.

Your dog does not walk very well.. right?
It pulls like crazy, or zigzags all over the place, it sticks its nose in something and doesn’t want to move until it’s finished. It wants to pee on every lamppost or patch of grass. It finds everything more interesting than listening to you, and sometimes it simply wont budge!!!

A simple truth is.. I really cant explain the actual practical process, here in writing. It would be the same as trying to teach you to dance, BUT I CAN SHOW YOU, and I can guarantee, YES, GUARANTEE, that there will be an improvement. No secret equipment, no sexy treats, no shouting, screaming, or nasty scary tactics. JUST PATIENCE AND PERSERVERENCE. Yes, you will need to learn and practice, and so will your dog, but an improvement there shall be.

Think about it.. No More..
Dreading The Thought Of Taking Your Dog Out.
Being Embarrassed At Your Dog’s Behaviour.
Going Out At Midnight Or Avoiding Everyone.
Falling Over, Because Your Dog Thunders Off regardless.
Being Known As “The One Who Cant Control Their Dog”.

AND.. This is NOT a group class. This is a private session, with me,

or one of my qualified colleagues, at your home, for both you and your dog!


Please complete the form below, and let’s both start to make yours, and your dogs life, a little bit more peaceful and content.
If you would like to ask me more about my philosophy or methods, then by all means, call me, on

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I look forward to meeting you both!
Thanks.. Glen

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