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It’s not a nice subject is it?
But would you believe that 75% of all dog behaviour problems I deal with are somehow related to..



So it is fair to say, that if you are having problems with your dog in this respect, you are not alone, as it is very commonplace these days. Whether your dog has issues with other dogs, or possibly, people, there are common factors that seem to arise in every case. Here are a few of the common situations that I come across..

The symptoms can be quite similar, but it is the ‘TRIGGER’ that can vary. The trigger is, as you might expect by the term, is the point at which the dog goes crazy. The build up can be gradual or instantaneous, but ‘explosion’ cannot be missed.
1. THE INSTANT REACTION TYPE. This is the dog that does not seem to have any problems at all. It is happy at home, even happy on a walk, until it sees another dog. Then ‘Bang!!’, the dog goes simply ballistic. It does not need to be provoked, it just reacts as soon as it sees another dog (cat, car, or person etc.).

2. THE EYES TYPE. This dog does not necessarily react straight away, but if another dog looks straight at it, or if the other dog just looks confident.. yes you guessed it.. Bang!!

3. THE CHANGEABLE TYPE. These dogs seems to have a breaking point that waits for another dog to be personal. The problematic dog might be hesitant, or might be quite confident in the initial stages, but as soon as another dog shows any kind of normal dog behaviour such as touching, playing, smelling.. anything other than just standing there…there is a negative reaction.

4. THE ACTOR. This is a dog that has mastered the art of deception. It can happen with dog on dog aggression, but I find it common with dog to human aggression as well. This dog has practised for a long time, the art of looking scary, when actually, it doesn’t want to be that close to anyone or anything. It might have a very strong (or rather, needy) attachment to its owner, but everyone else.. stay away. So it has practised and rehearsed its performance a thousand times. Possibly starting off with simply avoiding situations, then as time went by, the symptoms got worse, and now it can put on an Oscar winning performance that is guaranteed to keep everyone at bay.

Of course, there are variations of the above, but I wanted you to realise that this anti-social behaviour is normally created by the dog, in an attempt to cope with an emotional situation that has manifested over time.

Something I sometimes tell my customers is.. “There is good news, and bad news. The good news is that the dog created this reaction itself. I’m sure you didn’t teach it this. The bad news is, you didn’t see the symptoms get progressively worse, and now I have to untangle all this negative practised behaviour”.

And that is what I will help you with. I can work out your dog’s emotional state, which will indicate the root cause of the problem, and apply proven strategies that will offer the dog a better option than going crazy at other dogs and/or people. It is not easy, and it takes patience and hard work, but it CAN be directed into a more passive and natural state of mind, or as I call it.. ‘rehabilitated’.

Think about it.. No More..
Being Scared Of Meeting Other Dogs Or Their Owners.
Being Embarrassed At Your Dogs Anti-Social Behaviour.
Crossing The Road, Or Going Out At Midnight.
Being Known As “The One Who Cant Control Their Dog”.


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