Remote Dog Training


During these challenging times, with everyone in ‘lockdown’ due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this is the only practical answer to helping our beloved pets that maybe suffering from there own problems.

At last, the only obstacle that has prevented me from helping dog owners, has now been removed..


With today’s technology, it is now possible to reach out via video chat and personally offer help anywhere in the world!!. Everyone is keeping in contact with their loved ones during these troublesome times, by using Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom, or Skype. all you need is a mobile phone, a free downloaded app, and distance is now no longer an issue with visual communication. Plus, with instant personal connection, there is more time available to help as many dogs as possible.


So how can I help you with the aid of video chat?


Well, I can enter your home without physically being there, or meet you at the local park.. (Anywhere in the world!!).


We can discuss the problem in greater depth, and I can witness ‘live’, any behaviour problems your dog is displaying.


I can diagnose what I feel the root cause of the problem is from the information you have given me, and more importantly, the information your dog has given me.


I can then explain the ‘plan of action’ that I will instruct you to undertake, I will also explain why we are employing the chosen method, and I can witness the response from the dog.


From there, I can advise you how to adjust your techniques to improve the dog’s response.


So, you will gather from the above, that when training remotely via video chat, I am indeed training YOU!!.. not the dog. After all, if I cannot be there, you will have to be ME!.


Please do not worry, I can explain all much more clearly when you have your FREE – NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.


So, are you ready to make a start and change your dog’s life (and yours) for the better?

YES?… Great, let’s get started.

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