Dog Training South-West

Dog Training in South-West England

When looking for dog training in the South-West of England, you want to ensure you go to a reputable trainer.  My name is Glen Stanford and I am officially known as ‘The UK Dog Whisperer’.  I have been trained by the original dog whisperer ‘Cesar Milan’ on his ranch in California, U.S.A.

I have an undying love for dogs.  For me training a dog is often secondary.  Training the dog handler is the most important thing.  Understanding dog psychology is one of the keys to understanding how to train your dog.  A dog to most people is an extension of their own family.  More often than not people do not know how a dog’s mind works and end up either giving up or giving the dog away.  With foundation techniques I am available to offer outstanding dog training in the South-West of England and beyond.

Whether you are after one-to-one training or you would like to attend dog training classes in the South-West of England then look no further.  I am here to help and here to care.

Dog Training Classes

I offer excellent dog training classes in the South-West of England.  I travel all over the UK running various dog training workshops.  Sometimes you have not got the ability nor the time to have one-to-one dog training.  It can be more beneficial to meet and chat to other dog handlers with the same problems and abilities as yourself.

Check out the dog training courses section to find out more about dog training courses in the South-West.  To book a course you can either call us directly or fill out the short form online.

If you have any questions or queries then just give the dog a phone (not literally!).  You can call us directly on 07961 085133