Courses: Psychology & Behaviour.

Please take a quick look at the 1 minute video below, and/or read the summary of how I can help you understand the dog/human relationship, when you attend one of my dog psychology and behaviour courses.


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While answering questions regarding my Dog Psychology and Behaviour courses, I have taken note of all the dog enthusiasts comments and suggestions. This has helped me construct this weekend tutorial that will offer a condensed 2 day program, studying the subject of dog psychology. The purpose of this is to make the understanding of dog behaviour and rehabilitation more accessible to all those that are interested in the subject. The weekend class will…

1. Avoid having to take time off work.

2. Make the class more affordable.

3. Will reduce the travelling distance.
As I have already mentioned, the comments that I noted, meant that unfortunately some enthusiasts could not attend because, either they could not have weekdays off work, the total cost of a more extensive course, plus travel and accommodation meant the it proved a financial strain, or that it was simply too far to travel. The weekend course will remedy all of these issues.

This will be a condensed tutorial that will cover all the philosophical and theoretical aspects that are an essential part of understanding dog behaviour, and more importantly, how to influence negative behaviour in a positive way. It will offer a fundamental foundation, and will be fully informative to dog owners, dog lovers, dog walkers, trainers, and enthusiasts alike. Also included are real life dog problems. Applicants are welcome bring their dog along to the tutorial, and any dog related issues your pet may have can be discussed, and the dog maybe included as part of a demonstration. If you would like to bring your dog with you to a dog psychology and Behaviour course, please include some details such as breed, age, sex, and a brief description of the dogs problem in the questions box at the bottom of the enquiry form. If your dog is deemed suitable, you will receive an invitation to bring your dog with you. We will attempt to invite as many as possible, but please appreciate that there is only a limited amount of time available, and there are a vast array of topics to cover.

(To avoid any confusion and/or disappointment, please understand that dogs attending can be discussed and assessed, and if the instructor can offer an on the spot improvement, they gladly will, but please do not assume that this is an opportunity to solve a longstanding problem. It is not. It is an opportunity to learn more about helping dogs with problems, and fulfilling their needs.)

To ensure this 2 day tutorial is accessible and affordable, we have kept all the extras to a minimum. The weekend will take place in a classroom/village hall type environment. This is a basic introductory course, in a casual environment. Please do not expect a corporate presentation in an expensive venue. There will be tea/coffee and biscuits available on arrival each day. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments/lunch, should you choose to.

On completing the questionnaire at the bottom of the page, you will be sent a return email that will list what you will need to bring with you, address of the location, and class times.

Below is a list of just SOME of the topics covered on this weekend of dog psychology.


  • Learn The importance of Using the Correct Energy
  • 3 Fundamental Elements for Creating Balanced Animal Life.
  • 3 General Elements for Avoiding Unruliness.
  • The Correct Way To Meet A Dog.
  • Canine Senses In Mother Natures Natural Order.
  • Establishing A Solid Relationship With Any Dog. Including THE number 1 Activity.
  • The Truth Behind ‘Follow The Leader’.
  • Dog & Human Body Language
  • Canine Teamwork & Communication.
  • Achieving Trust And Respect With One or Many Dogs.
  • Understanding Aggression, Excitement, Anxiety.
  • Discussing real life dog issues.
  • Working With Tools & So Much More
  • 3 TOP TIPS For Success.
  • You will also receive a Certificate Of Attendance at the end of the weekend.

Kathleen Power Brilliant course with an excellent teacher and trainer, have already booked on next level. Have learned so much from this already. Would highly recommend course, well worth it for the love of dogs.

Caroline Elliott Fantastic! Done level 1 with Glen Stanford, have booked level 2, what an amazing guy, so much knowledge!! Highly recommend these courses.. thanks Glen for giving me the opportunity to further my career as a dog behaviourist, I have so much more knowledge and confidence.

Dear Amanda,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for last weekend’s course. You had such a great energy which the humans felt too! I learnt so much and am fascinated by it all. I’m booked on to the Essex weekend, and want go all the way to becoming a dog behaviourist myself.
I just wanted to pass on my first success story to you.
My yellow lab was always dragging behind me on the lead, and would stop to smell and pee all down the road to the park. The day after the course i couldn’t wait to correct this behaviour, and put her on the lead and went out. However she never gave me the chance to correct her because she didn’t drag or pull or stop once !  She clearly felt my new energy and knew i meant business!
Its such a buzz knowing I can make a difference.
Many thanks, and hope to see you again soon.


BENFLEET ESSEX……………….8th & 9th September 2018

BIRMINGHAM…………………6th & 7th  October 2018

Level 1. Introductory Weekend. Normally £299.00


£299.00 No !! I am offering the complete weekend course for £140.40 per person. AND if you book your place NOW, you can bring a friend with you FOR JUST £10. (Your guest will need to complete a separate application form).