Top Tip #10

Top Tip #10

You never stop learning.

Hello for the last time.

And how time fly’s. You are on your 10th and final Top Tip already.

I think, for this final top tip I feel I should leave you with a reflection on what role you play in your relationship with your dog, or the dog world in general. It is my gift to your dog, that I might give you a little to think about, so that you are confident you that are giving your beloved pet what it REALLY needs. It is just my opinion, but as my responsibility is to help unstable dogs find true contentment, I hope you do not mind me sharing this opinion with you.


Regards… Glen Stanford.

The UK Dog Whisperer.

We have quite a responsibility ahead of us when we decide to become a dog owner. Apart from the research that might have been undertaken, in assuring ourselves that we are making a smart decision, we still are led a little by vanity. We do sometimes prefer a dog because of the way it looks, or the type of character we assume it will have, because, these days our dogs do not necessarily have a work purpose. They are accepted as furry members of our human family, and they get all the benefits of that position. And that is great. They have an all-inclusive 5-star holiday, that comes with all meals, a personal trainer to exercise with, a personal butler to tidy up and even pick up poo!, a personal shopper that brings them little treats and toys from the shops, AND they are forgiven and loved regardless. No expense, no work, no stress. It really IS a dog’s life. They won the lottery the day they met you!

So why oh why, is most of my work with these types of dogs? It doesn’t make sense, does it? They have everything a dog could wish for, and yet they still chew up the sofa, go mad at the postman, and cause mayhem on a walk. You owners end up with wasted trips to the vet, changing doggy diets, buying anything and everything that might help a problem, you read every book and online article (which, incidentally, seems contradict the last one you read) and you are getting nowhere. You have had several ‘trainers’ to your home, at a ridiculous cost, and STILL you have a problem that seems unsolvable.



Well, unfortunately there is going to be something missing from the dog’s life if it is showing symptoms of a problem. He or she knows it, that’s why they are causing the problem. I know it, because that’s my job, to find out what’s missing, and explain it to the owner. And trust me, the answer will be relatively simple. I am not joking, I have changed the lives of owners and their dogs in hours… not weeks or months!! It really is just understanding what a dog REALLY NEEDS. Not what you think it wants, but what the animal wants, what the species (dog) wants, and finally what your little shi-tzu called Princess wants…or rather, needs.

I cannot guess what is causing the particular problem that you (or rather, your dog) may be troubled by, but I am here to help if need be.
I myself, or one of my personally trained behaviourists are here to help.
You can attend one of my courses in Dog Psychology, and learn as much as you need to know, so you can help your own dog.
You can go completely through my syllabus, pass an exam in
Dog Psychology and Behaviour, and my company will recognise you as part of our team, and you can even earn a living, AND help many many dogs.

You really can “Make A Difference”
If you are interested in dogs, dog psychology or dog behaviour, then there is something for you.
If you would like to understand me, my story, my philosophy, my methods, my way of helping dogs, then you are in for a treat. I am nearly at the end of writing my first electronic publication. An eBook called
“Dog Whispering – A Comprehensive Guide to Dog Psychology”

It is something I have been meaning to do for ages, and finally the end is in sight. The book includes:
1.    The Fulfilment of Body, Mind and Heart.
Dogs – With and Without Us Humans.
How to Evaluate a Dog Problem.
How to Understand Symptoms, and what they mean.
How to choose the Correct Strategy.
The Essential Qualities YOU need to Be a Good Leader.
…And much much more.

I have written down every relevant piece of information that I know will help you understand dogs, and become the dog behaviourist you really want to be.

So, I guess my final top tip would be, learn as much as you can from actual working dog behaviourists, who can support you, and guide you every step of the way. This eBook is a great place to start.