Dog Problem Solving T&C’s

Terms and Conditions.
The following terms and conditions are applicable when booking a private dog training session through The UK Dog Whisperer Limited.

Explanation of references used in the terms and conditions below:
CUSTOMER: refers to the individual or company that pays the deposit to the ‘Agent’.
AGENT: refers to the individual or company that receives the deposit from the ‘Customer’, and refers the ‘Trainer’ to the ‘Customer’.
TRAINER: refers to the individual or company that offers their professional assistance in attempting to help solve a problem that is being experienced by the ‘Customer’, specifically, the problem the ‘Customer’ is making the appointment for, in an attempt to resolve.

The expectations of those involved in the agreement:
The ‘Customer’ is required to pay an agreed non refundable deposit to the ‘Agent’.
The ‘Customer’ is required to pay the ‘Trainer’ the agreed balance payment, on the day of the booking, after session.
The payment is expected to be paid to the ‘Trainer’ in cash.
If the ‘Customer wishes to pay the ‘Trainer’ via any other means, then the ‘Customer’ must request this of the ‘Trainer’ at the time of agreeing the appointment, which is before the arrival of the ‘Trainer’. The ‘Trainer’ is under no obligation to accept an alternative payment method.
The ‘Customer’ can request that the ‘Trainer’ provides proof of adequate insurance cover. This proof must be requested at the time of making the appointment.

THE AGENT:(The UK Dog Whisperer Limited).
The ‘Agent’ will assist the ‘Customer’ in finding the appropriate ‘Trainer’.
The ‘Agent’ will confirm the receipt of the deposit payment made by the ‘Customer’.
The ‘Agent’ will be expected to provide the ‘Trainer’ with the contact details of the ‘Customer’, with the intention of appointment being arranged by the ‘Trainer’ and the ‘Customer’.
The ‘Agent’ will provide the ‘Customer’ with reasonable assistance regarding the communication between the ‘Customer and the ‘Trainer’, prior to the appointment being made.

The ‘Trainer’ is expected to contact the ‘Customer’ and arrange an agreeable appointment.
The ‘Trainer’ is expected to address the ‘Customer’ in a professional and courteous manner.
The ‘Trainer’ is expected to offer the best service possible, within their professional capability, to help the ‘Customer’ resolve the problem that is being addressed.
The ‘Trainer’ is expected to have a valid and suitable insurance policy for the proposed task, and will show evidence of this, if requested by the ‘Customer’ or the ‘Agent’.

Once a deposit has been made and the appointment confirmed, the process that then follows, is solely between the ‘Customer’ and the ‘Trainer’. Once the appointment has been agreed, the ‘Agent’ accepts no liability for actions that take place at the appointment. The ‘Agent’ is not responsible or liable, and as such, will not be expected to pay any kind of financial remuneration to any other party.
During the time that begins with the ‘Trainer’ and the ‘Customer’ meeting at the agreed appointment, and ends with the ‘Trainer’ leaving the ‘Customer’, the ‘Agent’ is free of any liability for any actions taken during that period.
Any alleged liability, including damage to persons, animals, or property of any kind, is solely between the ‘Customer’ and the ‘Trainer’.

This money guarantee applies if there is NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL. If the dog in question improves while being handled by the Glen Stanford, then the guarantee does not apply, and no refund will be made.
This guarantee applies to only Glen Stanford handling the dog, and no other third party.

Although initially, any complaints or misunderstandings will be attempted to be resolved verbally, in the event that a resolution cannot be achieved, the company reserves the right to request that communication continues in the written form, and will reply accordingly.