Well, you have come to the right place, because whatever the problem, whatever the breed, and whatever the story..


Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many caring dog owners, just like you have called me for help with, what seems to be, a hopeless dog problem. I receive many calls, sometimes desperate calls, from dog owners who have ‘tried everything’ but cant seem to get their dog to behave in an acceptable way. These frustrated owners sometimes even change their life around to cater to the dog’s problem. For example, putting baby gates all over the house, buying the latest dog gadget or never ending treats, constantly trying every training method they have heard of, and even walking the dog in the early hours of the morning, just to avoid confrontation with another dog. And when they finally run out of ideas… I get the call. Through frustration, and even tears, they typically say

“He’s a lovely boy, so loving, I couldn’t ever part with him, but”… AND THERE IS ALWAYS A ‘BUT’.

Like I say, you are not alone, because I am here to help.

My name is Glen Stanford, and I love helping dogs, and in turn, making the owner’s life a lot easier.

My job is to listen to you explain the problem, assess the dog, find out what the root cause of the problem is, come up with a plan of action, show you it works, and then then teach you how to maintain the positive change in the dog’s behaviour. No case is too tough, as there is always something that can be done. Some are easy, some are hard. Some take 5 minutes, and some can take months, but my responsibility is to give the dog a more balanced way of life, and that you, the owner, are taught how to can keep it that way.

You see, it’s all about manners. Sometimes dogs are just bad mannered. Its not their fault, they were never taught how to have a healthy relationship with you, your family, your visitors, or other animals. They can be really smart, and do lots of clever tricks, but still lack social manners. Let me ask you… are more impressed by people who are smart, or people who have good manners and can conduct themselves properly in any situation? Well, hopefully you prefer the latter, because you do not need me to teach your dog to ‘sit’, I’m guessing you are looking for help with something a little more annoying or upsetting than that.

Here are a few of the typical problems I can help with…

DOG PULLING. It is a common problem. You cant enjoy taking your dog for a walk because it has simply become too much like hard work. If fact the dog is taking you for walk. From the moment you take out the dog lead, things go crazy! The dog drags you out of the front door and down the street like a runaway train. He is on a mission…

DOG AGGRESSION. Another problem that has become very common in recent years. More often, it is ‘dog on dog’ aggression that seems to be on the increase. Even a dog that seems to absolutely fine in every other walk of life, can be inflicted by this issue. You wouldn’t know there is anything wrong with the dog in any other circumstance, but when it see’s another dog.. ‘BANG!’, it goes absolutely ‘ballistic’. Sometimes it is just excitement, and sometimes it is very threatening, and can intimidate not only other dog owners, but even the owner of the scary dog.

‘Ding Dong’.. A visitor. And everything goes mad when the dog reacts to the doorbell. So, you either put the dog in the kitchen, behind the baby gate, hold it back while you wrestle with the door, or try to distract it with something yummy. But to be honest, it will happen again next time someone visits. (..and again, and again). You need a solution so that the dog understands, complies with, and makes your life easier. It can be done!

SEPARATION ANXIETY. We all seem to live busy lives, and with all the best intention, we sometimes have to leave our ‘best friend’ ‘home alone’. But now the neighbours are telling you that they hear crying and barking when you have gone out. So you fit a camera in your home, and now you watch your dog on your phone. Distressing for both you and your dog. You now feel very guilty and even consider rehoming your beloved pet. It is personally emotional, and it is an emotional problem that needs solving.

ANXIETIES, FEAR, & PHOBIAS. What has happened to our dogs? They just don’t seem to be ‘happy go lucky’! They seem worried about any number of everyday things. Whether it is visitors, strangers, traffic, bikes, children, or even being stroked, something is causing them to look very concerned, or worst still, they are being reactive to normal incidents. Shying away, shaking, growling, barking, or all the above.. and more! We need to get to the bottom of it.

DESTRUCTION. “NO NO NO!!” MY new furniture!, my phone!, the TV remote!, my expensive shoes!!! It is annoying to say the least. You have given your dog the perfect home, but he thanks you by pulling off the door frame, and chewing a hole in the kitchen door. He is trying to tell you something, but what? Let’s find out..

So, now lets get on with changing that. No More..

Feeling embarrassed.

Scared or anxious every time you take your dog out.

Feeling guilty about your dog’s ‘unhappiness’.

Lacking control over your ‘best friend’.

Changing your life to suit your dog.

Feeling like there is no hope.


And.. you will have earned it. Because although I will get to the bottom of the problem, and get things moving in the right direction, it will ultimately be YOU that has to keep up all the good work. After all, you owe him that much..

So, are you ready to make a start and change your dog’s life (and yours) for the better?

YES?… Great, let’s get started.

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Glen I would just like to say thanks for all the help you are giving me with my little puppy! It really is making all the difference. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs…
Claire – Chelmsford, Essex

Thank you for your time visiting this morning to help my wife and I learn how to walk our dog and prevent him from pulling on the lead. We really appreciate it and the other…
Brian – Basildon, Essex

Glen, thanks so much for your help with Kira! Was great to see her around other dogs and can’t wait to keep working with her and see more progress. Had been to so many dog…
Sophie – Basildon, Essex