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Hello my name is Glen Stanford, and I specialise in working with ‘dogs with problems’ primarily in and around the Essex area.

I work with all kinds of breeds with differing issues, but from a dog psychology approach, hence ‘The UK Dog Whisperer’.

My job is to understand why a dog is behaving in a negative manner, and apply a ‘programme’ of methods that rebalance
and stabilise the dogs behaviour. The point of ‘Whispering’ is to use a quiet communication between the dog and humans
so that new behaviour can develop.

The intention is to use the most minimum amount of correction as is necessary.

It’s about YOU and your dog!

To understand what a dog really needs, defuse the bad behaviour, give the dog a more content and natural life, is something that pushes me to go the extra mile.

The dog has to feel secure, and have a clear understanding of the rules and boundaries in which it lives. Passing on this
understanding to the dog owners is the other half on my objective.

My job is to also teach the dogs owners how to obtain trust and respect, and maintain a balanced happy dog.
At The UK Dog Whisperer we run plenty of courses at different dates from our base. Go to the course tab at the top of our website for further details.