Wagg Complete Senior Dog Food


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Product Description

Designed specially for senior dogs, Wagg's mild senior food is a medium energy formula that gives the whole thing a senior dog will want at the same time as serving to to regulate weight gain.

  • Contains glucosamine and chrondoitin
  • Fish and fish oils lend a hand advertise healthy joints
  • L-carnitine can lend a hand weight regulate as a part of a balanced diet and lifestyle

Wagg senior pet food is a superb supply of fibre and can lend a hand enhance the digestive system, at the same time as nutrients A, E & C lend a hand enhance the immune system.

The formula additionally comprises added zinc and omega 3 & 6, supporting healthy skin and offering a shiny coat.

Ingredients: Cereals (10% rice in dog bones), Meat and Animal Derivatives (five% hen in red chunk), Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Fish and Fish Derivatives (1% fish oil in donut), Vegetables, Minerals, Yeasts (zero.08%), Citrus Extract (zero.04%) & Yucca Extract (zero.01%), Glucosamine (zero.03%), Chondroitin (zero.half%).

About Wagg

Providing quality however reasonably priced pet food is what Wagg do perfect, making it a sensible choice for each dogs and their house owners.


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