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HALTI - The headcollar for type keep watch over, designed via Dr Roger Mugford. Leads tips on how to higher behaved pets. Stops pulling. Simplifies coaching. Corrects misbehaviours. Guides the pinnacle so the frame will practice. Calms and lets in freedom to pant. Distinctive on-off action can shut biters' jaws. Fast free up buckle on adjustable collar Noseband situated transparent of the eyes Lead ring Mounted perspective for a protected and relaxed installing Selecting the proper Dimension to your canine. Note: Bitches and younger canine might desire a Dimension smaller. Dimension 3 Afghan,Airedale,Boxer,Briard,Chow Chow,Dalmation, Doberman,Greyhound,G.S.D.,Husky,Labrador,O.E.S.,Guidelines, Retrievers,Setters,Weimaraner. Stops pulling Simplifies coaching Corrects misbehaviours Guides the pinnacle Calms and lets in panting


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