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HALTI - The headcollar for sort regulate. Designed by Dr Roger Mugford Leads methods to better behaved pets: Features: - Stops pulling. - Simplifies training. - Corrects misbehaviours. - Guides the top so the body will follow. - Calms and permits freedom to pant. - Distinctive on-off action can close biters' jaws. Design: - Quick unencumber buckle on adjustable collar - Noseband located clear of the eyes - Lead ring - Fixed angle for a safe and comfy fitting Size Guide 0 Toy Poodle,Yorkie 1 Border Terrier,Jack Russell,Cairn,Cavalier K.C,Corgi, Std Dachshund,Sheltie,Westie,Whippet. 2 Basenji,Beagle,Border Collie,Buhund,Cockers,Rough Collie, Saluki,Samoyed,Staffie and Std Poodle. 3 Afghan,Airedale,Boxer,Briard,Chow Chow,Dalmation, Doberman,Greyhound,G.S.D.,Husky,Labrador,O.E.S.,Pointers, Retrievers,Setters,Weimaraner. 4 Bernese M.D,Bull Mastif,Great Dane,Newfoundland,Pyrenean, Ridgeback,Rottweiler,Wolfhound. 5 Bloodhound,Large Danes,Mastiff,St Bernard. Note: Bitches and young dogs would possibly want a size smaller. The HALTI Headcollar, is understated to suit and simple to make use of and is designed to prevent dogs from pulling. Designed by Dr Roger Mugford in 1979, it's the original and still the most productive headcollar to be had, beneficial by vets and animal experts all over the world. Constructed from lightweight yet very strong nylon webbing, the HALTI is designed for comfort and permits the dog to pant and yawn. All HALTI's now feature padding at the nose band, either leather (to be had simplest in black) or neoprene (to be had in black or red). Each and every HALTI comes complete with a free HALTI safety link and a comprehensive training guide. There could also be a multi-functional HALTI Training Lead to be had, which is Constructed from super-soft subject matter and wonderful to carry.


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