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The ever-fashionable Halti Harness is helping to forestall pulling, calms over-boisterous canine and worls to simplify Coaching and behavioural remedy. The good thing about a correctly used Halti Harness is that it offers general regulate over the canine's shoulders and therefore sets the direction by which he can transfer.Options:

  • Provides a gradual method to canine pulling
  • Padded design is very at ease for the canine to wear and is appropriate for all breeds
  • Unique patented entrance attachment device controls the canine from his chest and shoulders - an efficient point of regulate.
  • Can be used along with the double-ended Halti Coaching Lead, associated with each the chest and shoulder jewelry of the harness for optimum control
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large
  • Comprehensive Coaching information included


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