Extra Large Dog Bed for Large Breeds 42in by TOA


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Product Description

TOAs Mocha XXL bed has been designed and refined from the ground up over many years. It is suitable for large breeds such as Alsatian, Labrador. It has been designed with double stuffing to the side walls and cushion, ensuring that it is as comfortable as can be. We have incorporated a hardwearing waterproof base which is highly resistant to scratching and is suitable for stone floors. The outer brown fabric is a Brown Satin. We find this is more resistant to pet hair cling. The red fabric is a soft fleece design for that cosy feeling. All in all we feel that this about the best you can get within this price range and offers great value for money. 42in x 34in x 10in Super High quality fabrics. Maroon and Brown Machine Washable Hardwearing Waterproof Base XXL size


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