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Drontal Plus Wormer for dogs works in one dose and kills more sorts of spherical and tapeworm than every other wormer. Additionally protects against whip and hook worm. Simplest Drontal kills each and every form of intestinal worm repeatedly present in UK cats and dogs. Drontal kills the hookworm which has been present in sixty eight% of foxes in the United Kingdom and ninety two% of foxes in Eire. Drontal may also be given without or with food. Puppies will have to be treated with Drontal at 2 weeks of age and each and every 2 weeks till 12 weeks of age, thereafter they will have to be treated at 3 month intervals. Routine regulate for adult dogs is to regard each and every 3 months this may occasionally stay your pet healthy and likewise massively cut back the choice of worm eggs shed into the surroundings. Drontal plus, 1no. pill covers 10kg bodyweight so a 30kg dog would want 3 tablets and so forth Drontal wormer for dogs. One pill covers 10kg bodyweight Kills & protects against spherical, tape, whip and hookworms Routine regulate for dogs, treat each and every 3 months Kills each and every form of intestinal worm repeatedly present in dogs


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