Brown & Beige Relaxing Sofa – Ideal For Senior Dogs – Your Dog Will Appreciate This Comfortable Bed


Product Description

This rectangular orthopaedic dog bed with memory foam and extra high edges offers luxurious comfort and is just the place for a relaxing sleep with no stress on the joints. Beds made of orthopaedic memory foam are extremely comfortable and have long been used for human beds as the high-tech material moulds to the curves of the body and adapts to the body temperature, providing optimal relief from pressure and best of all, glorious comfort When your dog lies on the Orthopaedic Dog Bed the memory foam enables your dog to rest its spine and joints in complete comfort. And when your dog gets up, the memory foam always returns to its original shape! The dog bed cover is completely removable and can be washed up to 30°C. The sleeping area cover is a warm plush and fastened with a zip and Velcro. This cover is also removable and can also be washed at 30°C. The thick memory foam and the additional foam layer in this bed raises the entry height so it is ideal for senior dogs and those with joint problems. The base of the bed has anti-slip nubs to prevent it from sliding around on smooth surfaces. Colour: brown/beige,Memory foam Additional, thick foam mat for added comfort and to prevent flattening Comfortable height for your dog to lie down,Reduces stress on joints and spine Material: 100% polyester Removable covers, washable up to 30°C Plush cover removable and washable up to 30°C Anti-slip nubs,Convenient, raised entry


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